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CRM Implementation

Soffront SmoothStart is a proven implementation methodology that incorporates the best practices in CRM implementation with an iterative approach. Soffront’s built-to-adapt CRM management software and the proven methodology ensure the success of your CRM implementation, within a matter of days.

Since the Soffront solution is modular, you don’t need to deploy the entire solution at once. Select the modules you need today, and activate the rest when you are ready. Select between a hosted (SaaS), On-Premise, or a cost saving host-to-own option.

You work jointly with Soffront Professional Services to reduce implementation costs. The table below summarizes the key tasks/milestones, the expected dates of completion and the owner for each task.

Soffront’s Proven CRM Implementation Methodology

Task/Milestone Owner Comments
PO Released
Kick-off meeting Soffront Introduction meeting that identifies the team members involved.
Assessment Customer Soffront will guide you through the process. Results in a requirements definition document.
Requirements Definition Customer Soffront can take ownership for this, if desired by the customer.
Statement of Work Soffront Soffront prepares this based on the Requirements Definition document.
Finalized Agreement Customer This is the basis on which implementation project begins.
Begin Implementation Soffront Customer will have access to a test server during implementation.
End Implementation
Acceptance testing Customer At this stage, it is the implementation team that is involved in the testing.
Installation and setup Soffront This is the installation and setup of the customized project at the customer premises.
User acceptance testing Customer At this stage, end users can take part in the testing.
Acceptance testing Customer At this stage, it is the implementation team that is involved in the testing.
Deployment Soffront Live deployment.
Follow up Soffront

Loved by Thousands of Customers

We selected Soffront because the product is easy to customize and easy to use. After looking at all of the other products, we determined that Soffront represented the best ROI. It’s amazing to witness how the system reduces week-long processes and complex report compilations to just a couple of clicks.

- Evan Rosenfield Director of Marketing, American Security

We chose Soffront CRM because we needed a CRM system that was extremely flexible in terms of customization. Soffront CRM allows us to improve in numerous areas. We can now better manage our sales cycle, produce superior sales reports, and more thoroughly track and report on congressionally mandated outreach requirements.

- Wayne Gardella Vice President, EXIM Bank

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